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Meet Berni

Berni Massari, Ph.D., DD, FBIH, Natural Health Specialist, Author and Educator


Enter the future with determination and perseverance in search of a better tomorrow. Be happy. Smile when you meet with opposition and greet it with optimism. Respectfully allow others to have and to hold their own beliefs. Do not thrust your life and ideals upon them. Be grateful for who and what you are and never lose hope. God is always with you! Release your troubles and have faith, then be responsible for what you have chosen to become.
B. Massari, 2003
My name is Berni Massari and I am a Fellow of my school. My credentials are in Homeopathy. I am a Ph.D, DD, and a DiHOM. My studies were long and vast. In this website I think it is not important to know or read about me but instead to learn about natural medicine. You the reader can probably figure me out by what I have to say and how I say it when it comes to my work. I believe in what I do. It is that simple for me.

In my youth I was made aware of my very special gift. I had the ability to use my instinct beyond most other people. I was born with the gift of knowing about health and could sense illness and disease in others. Medical doctors used my talents in exploratory surgery. Today I use my talents with my patients to help recognize their health problems and better work with their healing. I entered the field of natural medicine when I was well into my adult age and after many other professions that never seemed to satisfy me. I always had and still have the urge to explore life, nature and the beyond.

I began my studies in Homeopathy with the British School of Homeopathy and Complimentary Medicine in the early 1990's, thinking that there had to be a rhyme and reason for illness and disease. I did not come to totally believe in a homeopathic theory until I applied it to a patient that resided in one of my elderly care homes. Prior to that I worked in nursing homes and grew tired of watching patients dying needlessly. That is when I decided to open group homes. I wanted to help people survive. I learned that it is not only medical attention that patients needed. It was love, attention and caring that kept most people alive longer than expected. Patients of Western medicine are so overdosed that they eventually become toxic. Doctors that are not ready to accept a better way of healing have misconceptions of homeopathy. Let me tell you about Margie.

Margie was a recluse of two years that was taken from her home and brought to us in a horrifying condition. She had not stepped out of her home for two years. Time tattered her skin and bones leaving her in very poor health, with little chance for any healing to occur. Her legs were ulcerated to the bone, blackened limbs that were due to be amputated. I took a long look at Margie and then consulted with my co-worker about using natural remedies to help Margie. I was looking for proof to validate healing without drugs. It was a chance that she could cure without toxic effects to her body. Margie now had the chance to heal. Two weeks later after careful observance of her limbs, we saw some success happening. Her legs were the color pink with circulation, the ulcers closing from the inside to the outside. Finally we saw Margie cure entirely without the use of drugs. Three months total to her cure and now seven years later she is still wonderful and healthy thanks to natural healing that saved her limbs and her life. A result that otherwise would have ended in amputation and probable death.

The list of testimony is countless. There are many cures provided to patients. Now, chosen medical doctors agree that natural medicine is the key to cure and preventative health. But, it takes the right Homeopath and the right set of rules to abide by to produce cure. Go to a professional of Homeopath and not to someone that comes in disguise. Remember, if you want a dentist, go to the dentist. If you want a brain surgeon, go to a brain surgeon. If you want a medical doctor go to one that provides western medicine and drugs. And, if you want a true Homeopath, go to one that studies Homeopathy. Homeopathy is a specialty science. The practitioner must be trained in only Homeopathy to insure that he or she knows only that science and does not deviate from its source. Remember that saying, 'Too many cooks in the kitchen will ruin the broth'. The same applies to our science of Homeopathy or any specialty science. This is rule number one. Rule two is that the patient must be willing to take the remedies on their own and only after being instructed on each remedy. Homeopathy can work very quickly and one may think that they are cured immediately so the patient discontinues the remedy thinking that they do not need any more. WRONG. This can produce the disease or bring on the illness worse than it was in the beginning. I try to educate my patients before sending them home.

As I graduated from the school of hard knocks and practice, I learned that Homeopathy treats like with like in most cases. Classical Homeopathy means using one remedy at a time to peel layers of illness or disease. This can be time consuming in cases that are taken constitutionally. I was trained as a Classical Homeopath. That means taking a full case and finding the one remedy that is good for all of the body and its problems. Now, in this age curing the patient in a shorter span of time is a much needed route. I work to cure quickly and I remain with my patient to the completion of their cure. Then I apply preventative medicine to their routine. I guess that this is a good time to explain to you what Homeopathy is and finish the theory in our following pages.

Homeopathy works by bringing the issues to the front of what the illness is, where disease originated from within the body or life force, dealing with the vital force, heredity or what has been acquired in your life. Illness and disease has a region of origination and is prefaced by sometimes visual links to its origin or initial beginnings. Disease is known to us after the onset when we see the visuals of the deep seated problem, the root. Easy to understand is the rash or as it is known to the Homeopath, the PSORA. The rash, not a product of its own is predisposed of another reason. The breakout being the after effect, the real reason being what has brought the rash to the front. From the inside to the outside, from side to side, from the top to the bottom. This is how healing occurs. Homeopathy treats the WHOLE body, the WHOLE person and each one being very tailored and individual. Each remedy being suggested for that particular person even if two people have the same disease. This is Homeopathy. It is not a drug, not a fluke, not something for medical doctors to brush aside. It is real and demands attention for its wonderful life saving cures. Medical doctors that use both modalities of treatment will often times mix natural medicine with drugs. This is not always the best way to cure but sometimes is needed especially in heart patients, diabetics and HBP (high blood pressure) that may require further treatment.

Cancer in its types and forms can be treated Homeopathically. Great success has been established with Homeopathy for the treatment of prostate cancer. Women have the chance to live through breast cancer with a few small remedies that eradicate life threatening tumors. Skin cancers fade and drain with Homeopathy. Homeopaths can successfully treat chronic pain, Fibromyalgia, Cataracts, Allergies, Hormones, Fibroid cysts, Anemia, Psoriasis and countless other illness and disease. It is the only way to cure a cold and make a flu fade within hours. When western medicine must wait for the cold to enter a secondary illness such as bronchitis before they can bring cure with antibiotics, Homeopathy has remedies to stop the virus at its onset. Know Homeopathy and use it, but most of all appreciate its worth. I am happy to be a part of this wonderful time in history when natural medicine is once again the winner.
''Thank you Saint Jude for prayers answered"