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Big Bird, Molly the Doberman and Heidi the toy Fox Terrier all live together. One day when Heidi came home and was introduced to the 'group' she had no name and, for lack of a name that fit her properly, no one could come up with anything that was appropriate until one day when.....

Bird was cheerfully talking one morning, as he always does in the early hours of the day, (when he is most geared up to saying everything that is recorded in his little but mighty brain) he saw the little fox terrier enter the kitchen where MOM was cooking breakfast. The anticipation of fresh scrambled eggs and fruit was about to be served to Bird. He has a diet that consists of total people food, a little seeds on the side for tossing into the air and on the floor just to make things tough on everyone. Just then he began to call out to the little pup with a whine and high pitch command the way any well bred African Grey would speak and said, 'Heidi Heidi....' here came the little fox terrier as though she knew that this was to be her name. I wondered if it was either a past life thing or simply just Bird being as smart as he is deciding to name the little critter since we could not come up with anything as brilliant! From that time on, her name was, Heidi. And, if you look close at her face she really looks like a little Heidi. Toy Fox Terriers are overly anxious. Heidi is treated with Homeopathics when needed for anxiety. Her tail gets a needed break with Kali Phos. Great for barking dogs too!

Molly is quite the girl. Very intelligent. When she came to our home she brought gifts from her paws to our home, TICKS! Poor little Molly, (not very little at six weeks) was filled with ticks not to mention the tumors on various parts of her elbows. What did we do? We treated immediately with Homeopathic remedies and she was soon on her way to good health. The ticks took it to the highway and the tumors never came around again. Now, five years later, Molly is beautiful and doing great.
There are countless dogs, cats, cows, ferrets, horses and even a kangaroo, that come to us for homeopathic treatment. No matter how young, old, big or small they come to Bernie for their natural medicine. They all get well.

Valley Fever is very prevalent in the desert areas. A spore that you inhale creates a fungus in the lungs, grows the meanest virus and the most difficult to treat with traditional medicine. We have the remedy that treats this virus in humans and animals. We treat everyone the same and with the same remedies to eradicate the disease. And the best thing about it is that it works!

One of the most remembered of all our patients was Elwood the ferret that happened to fall into a diabetic coma quite frequently. He was treated with our remedies that worked well. The list goes on and on. There is not anything that we cannot try to cure. All remedies work very nicely on animals because their lives are not as complicated as ours, allowing for the body to accept the medicine easily and without side effects. We are very proud of the list of critter patients we have and will be presenting their photos as time goes by. Each one a unique story of how they responded to the remedies and how the remedies turned their lives around. We would like to name a few of our patients we give our thanks to for a life of love and loyalty. Some that have crossed over to Rainbow Ridge while others still remain in our hearts and homes. We pay tribute to; Our friends at the OASIS SANCTUARY, and Sassy, the Great Dane - PolyEster, the Parrot - Sheba - Maui - Square, the Horse - ShMoo, the Cow - BeBe, Big Bird - Little Puppy, Mary, the Boston- Penny, the Boxer- Riley& Rebel, Horse pals - Boomer, the Kangaroo - Teddy, Rosey, Benji, Elwood, Colin, Spencer, Missy, Zawadi, Cashius, Road Dog, Sophia, Spot, Babe, Georgeous and his friend, and the never forgotten rescue pups and cats and the Oasis Sanctuary for all the forgotten and abused BIRDS.
I would like to share a story with you if you wonder about life after death for animals.

Babe the red doberman had heart failure. She was an adult rescue from the pound. she lived with us for two years. When it came time to put her down we took that long drive to the vet where the inevitable took place. I could not have been more broken hearted. my babe took her last hard breath, one that I will never forget. Cremation was my choice. That night when I was dreaming, I saw babe jumping and running in a beautiful field of green grass playing ball with a black and white long hair larger dog. Three days after the dream the vet office called and said that babes ashes had come back. When I arrived I told the nurse about my dream. She showed me a picture of the dog I saw playing with babe and told me that this dog was put down after babe on the same day almost in the same hour. It was then that I knew WHAT I SAW was more than a dream and that there IS an after life, a heaven for all animals. Mysteriously, a ball appeared at my back doorstep the next morning. I still have that ball near babes ashes. Berni, dog owner and Homeopath

If you have or know any animal that needs treatment do not hesitate to contact us. Please remember that our pets love us unconditionally and we must reciprocate with an undying love that reaches their hearts keeping them strong for us at all times. It is they that give to us the purest love that continues into spirit life when they are no longer with us. One night when you are alone and the room is quiet, if you have lost a pet that is still dear to you in your heart and mind, take a moment to listen and close your eyes. There you will see, feel or hear, the most wonderful expression of love and warmth. Your pet has come by to say, 'I love you'.

If you have a special story to tell about your pet we would be happy to add it to this page. Contact Berni at, docberni@cox.net