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Berni Massari, Ph.D., DD

'Hope Starts Here'
I am delighted to introduce you to a new way of wellness and healing.Homeopathy' is not completely understood. Its simplicity and non-toxicity it is also not completely accepted by the majority of patients or medical doctors that adhere to traditional ways of treatment. Before antibiotics and the quick fix to illness appeared, all that was offered as a way to healing was Homeopathy.
Even before you were familiar with the term Homeopathy, it was a proven method of healing. Natives of many lands used raw herbs or called on a medicine man that helped to produce the effects of wellness. This was long before Homeopathy came on the scene as another method of healing naturally. So you see that Homeopathy is not a new science. Thanks to the father of Homeopathy, Samuel Hahnemann a German doctor discovered what was to be the most profound pathway to healing acute and chronic illness and disease. He believed that Homeopathic medicine should be given in small quantities for the shortest amount of time to either bring on symptoms in a healthy person or take symptoms away in a sick person. Treating like with like was Mr. Hahnemann's ideal method of healing. The patient always had success with his discovery.
Some medical professionals today are strictly traditional medical healers with a curious eye for the alternative. Most traditional healers question alternative methods of curing a sick patient. Other professionals believe strictly in natural healing therapies and still some are crossing over into both worlds of medicine whereby creating the total approach to healing. All are doctors. All are teachers of wellness. One cannot heal properly with a closed mind and spirit to what is possible with the human body. Never the less, not one or the other method of natural medicine is the one and only answer to healing. It takes the best of all worlds to bring the body to homeostasis, total wellness. Still, preventative medicine must be employed to prevent any further disease.

What Is Preventative Medicine?

Preventative medicine is another way of remaining healthy long into the future and also awards future generations a way to better health and longevity. One way of identifying preventative measures of wellness is to realize that vitamins are a way of staying strong and well balanced. We are in the most important times of our lives. Right now no matter what age you are you are being informed of a way of wellness and healing that sustains the body without side effects that harm our organs. Long after the patient has taken prescription drugs for healing he or she experiences another problem that is a product of the drug.


Think of your liver as a finely tuned duct that filters what goes into the blood. When the liver is stressed the neighboring organs do not function as well as they should. There is stress then applied to the gall bladder, heart and circulation. When you take a drug you are ingesting poisons that the liver has a hard time filtering. Sooner or later the liver quits working efficiently and you notice a tinge of yellow to your skin and eyes. Ever wonder why you have a pain on your side? Maybe you suffer from lower backaches and never thought too much about it. Even your eyesight isn't what it used to be. Contrary to what most of us think, this is not a product of aging.We are being slowly poisoned, broken down and full of sludge. Drugs can keep you alive but what is really killing us? For instance, you are told that if you do not take a certain drug to eliminate thick blood you will ultimately die of high blood pressure, stroke or worse, your heart will stop. Ask your doctor to discuss with you the contraindications of taking the drug in the first place. It is your right as a patient to know what you have been given. We have been taught to believe that nothing natural really works or is as powerful as a prescription drug.You grew in an era of Western Medicine.
What once was the medicine man is now a thing of the past, a story about magic and nothing more. Wrong.
You are incorrect in this type of thinking. However, no matter what you read or how many lectures you attend on natural healing you will never know its benefits until you the patient takes part in its rewards. There is nothing strange or harmful about it. There are no side effects to Homeopathy as a treatment for your ills. Remember that you must adhere to the prompts of your practitioner and do exactly as prescribed to properly experience Homeopathy's complete benefits. When you are a patient of natural medicine you are using preventative measures against future illness. You are able to talk to and educate your children about the wonders of treating the body with what nature gave you for your protection. Each time you administer a remedy to yourself you are using not only the cure to your illness but also preventative means to an end of disease.

Making an appointment for a consultation is a means to an end of suffering from chronic health problems. You will marvel at the spontaneous way that Homeopathy handles acute health situations. No more waiting for the flu to run its normal course. Headaches vanish within moments and digestive problems will end. Make no mistakes about your practitioner. Homeopaths are strictly trained in Homeopathy.They understand the science of Homeopathy where others do not. Accept no other. If your Homeopath feels the need for further medical attention, they should refer you to the right doctors. They will also work closely with your medical doctor.
Learn about this incredible science of medicine. Make your appointment today for a wellness evaluation.
Together, you and your practitioner can discuss the way to a better pathway of health.
Fibromyalgia, smoking, psoriasis, allergies, sinus and pain are gone with Homeopathy.
Homeopathy is an old science that is making its way into the path of new medical protocols because HOMEOPATHY WORKS!